EU subsidies

Project implemented as part of the Regional Operational Program for the Lower Silesian Voivodship for the years 2014-2020.
Priority Axis: 1. Enterprises and innovations.
Measure: 1.5. Development of products and services in Small Medium Enterprises.
Sub-measure: 1.5.1 Development of products and services in Small Medium Enterprises – horizontal competition.
Diagram: 1.5 A Support for product and process innovation of Small Medium Enterprises.
Project title: Implementation of new generic technology in the production of gears using proprietary hobbing and forming methods.
Purchase of a 3D measuring machine. WENZEL LH 108.
Purchase of the LIEBHERR LC 800 gear milling center.



ZKZ Gears sp. z o.o. 

KRS: 0001055888

NIP: 8942849478

REGON: 020197145

Register address

54-212 Wrocław
ul. Małopanewska 29

Manufacturing plants

56-400 Oleśnica
ul. Moniuszki 19 – 19c


+48 713 981 214