The production process of precision gears by grinding. Gears made of steel are subject to heat treatment processes in order to increase their strength. The materials usually used are steels for tempering, induction hardening, carburizing, carbon-nitriding and nitriding. The effect of heat treatment is a deformation-resistant core and a very hard outer layer resistant to abrasion. A side effect of the hardening process are shape deformations, which lower the performance class of the gear. The grinding process gives the final shape of the gear wheel outline in accordance with the technical documentation and customer requirements according to a specific quality class DIN, AGMA, ANSI, GOST …. Technical parameters describing the gear such as line, profile, pressure angle, corrections, modifications and allowable deviations dictate the grinding method. Grinding methods are basically divided into two groups:
GEAR GENERATING GRINDING: Large series production in class 6-7 DIN is usually performed using the envelope method, ensuring high efficiency and repeatability of the process. The enveloping method has limitations, we cannot modify the foot and tooth head in order to optimize the active profile.
GEAR PROFILE GRINDING: Medium series and prototype production. Class of execution of the gear wheel – it is possible to grind patterns while maintaining strict technological processes. A method usually used in the production of gears in short series with high quality requirements. We are able to apply all known modifications of the tooth line and profile in order to optimize the profile of the gear using the active profile. The method is particularly helpful in prototype production for research and development departments with the use of grinding in solid material, which reduces the cost of purchasing strictly defined tools. We also have the ability to produce innovative profiles defined by the designer in the form of a network of points (CAD drawing). Thanks to cooperation with the Wrocław University of Technology, we have developed software that converts CAD drawing into machine code, which gives us unlimited possibilities to perform production orders of the most demanding Research and Development departments. You have an idea, nobody can do it, we will implement it.
GEAR PROFILE GRINDING WITH A SOCKET SPINDLE : A method used in the manufacture of gears with limited wheel output. The collision may be caused by a second gear rim, keyway, spline, bearing raceway or other structural element. The solution is the use of a small grinding wheel in circumferential grinding (ceramic, CBN, diamond) or in profile grinding, the use of a special cap spindle with a very small ceramic grinding wheel – which we generate using a roller diamond, or the use of CBN, diamond grinding wheel with a ready outline. Grinding with this method is inefficient but strongly recommended in the collision cases described above. The advantage of this method is also the possibility of reducing the effect of twisting by topological grinding in a single-flank cycle. The method is also used for grinding gears with small modules.
Our flagship gear grinding machines equipped with an integrated measuring system and an industry 4.0 interface

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